As we age transition is a part of life. When you or someone you love are faced with making housing decisions, due to illness, finances or the normal aging process, where do you turn for help?

Nasby Agency offers seniors and their families the peace of mind that they have someone whom they can trust and who empathizes with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs that come with aging.

What you receive:

If you decide staying in your home is your best option, then John Nasby will:
1. Oversee all home maintenance and repairs. His relationships with the business community will offer you access to the best people and businesses to get you the best care and service at the best price.
2. Stop by your home regularly to grow his relationship with you and to ensure the safety of your home environment.
3. Help you remain in community with others by recommending home sharing options, community social gatherings and volunteer and work opportunities. He will also offer options to transportational roadblocks.

If you decide that staying in your present home is NOT your best option, then John Nasby will:
1.Explore other independent, homeshare and/or assisted living  options. John Nasby, as a Referral Agent with Watson Referral Realty, also offers a one-stop, stress and hassle free relocating experience.
Why Nasby Agency?

• Over 30 years of business and marketing experience with integrity and commitment to quality service.

Certified Senior Advisor since 2014

• Hospice Volunteer (Vitas)

• Independent Transportation Network Volunteer (ITN)

• Chaplain with (Marketplace Chaplains)

• Referral Agent (Watson Realty)

John Nasby can assist you in getting quality help in the following areas:

  1. Assisted living
  2. Auto maintenance and repairs
  3. Counseling
  4. Elder Law
  5. End of life support
  6. Estate planning
  7. Estate sale management
  8. Financial planning
  9. Home maintenance and repairs
  10. Home sharing 
  11. Independent living
  12. In-home care
  13. Locksmith
  14. Move management
  15. Real Estate
  16. Spiritual guidance
  17. Transportation
  • Contact John Nasby today at 407-340-3623 or for a no obligation consultation.