Are you a family caregiver in need of help? Or do you know someone in need of help?

Share the Care is a great resource for working daughters or sons caring for their parent. They have 5 locations around Central Florida and are looking to expand. Please contact Mrs. Pat Chuck, their Director of Community Development, today at 407.423.5311 to learn more about all the ways they can help.

SHARE the CARE™, Inc. has specialized in adult day care and respite for frail, physically and cognitively impaired adults, including those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons, and their caregivers since 1986. They know how important it is to provide the high quality care that family members want for their loved ones.

When the need for practical, physical and emotional support is continuous, it can be difficult to do it alone, no matter how much you love the person needing care.

With their services, they can help you better manage your loved one’s care while caring for yourself in your caregiving journey. Also their support might help postpone or avoid the expense associated with placing your loved one in a nursing home.