Seeing your life in 4 stages of 8000 days each

I found this concept intriguing as it relates to retirement. A word I prefer to use instead of retirement is “rewirement”. During rewirement (the last 8000 days of your life) there are a few phases you might go through in varying lengths. There is The Honeymoon phase where you are encouraged to find a mentor and explore work/volunteer options. The Big Decision phase has to do with where will you live, finding your purpose and how to maintain access to the things you enjoy. The Navigating Longevity phase your health, mobility and cognitive abilities will not be what they once were. Simply put, your needs will be greater, but your resources may be smaller. Finally The Solo Journey phase you might need the help from others and the death of a spouse can be lonely and painful but it can also offer an opportunity to reinvent yourself. For more information visit 8000 days.