What is most important to your quality of life as you age?

I was sitting in a “free lunch” investment seminar recently and struck up a conversation with the presenter. He shared earlier that one reason why he felt that women lived longer than men was that in general women find it easier to make and grow friendships. He shared that is was better to be money broke and friend wealthy. As a chaplain at a local nursing home I can attest to the fact that most of the residents who seem to be enjoying life ,despite the less than desirable living arrangements, are women. So here are a few suggestions to help you men build your social network.

  • Do volunteer work “Click here for Volunteer Opportunities in your area”
  • Enroll in a college course. Learn something new.
  • Frequent your neighborhood coffee shop (McDonalds counts)
  • Find an exercise you enjoy (walking, biking etc) that gets you out of the house and connects you with others.
  • Go back to work part-time for fun.