What will it be like when we close our eyes for the last time?

One Minute After You Die

By Erwin Lutzer

Several of my friends this past year closed their eyes for the last time and are experiencing their new home. My mom, as I write, will soon make that same journey. If those in heaven could talk to us what would they say? This and other questions Erwin Lutzer wrestles with in “One Minute After You Die”.

A few excerpts from the book to hopefully wet your appetite:

If we are wise, we will spend our time preparing for that which lasts forever.

Everyone will be saved. This has always been Satan’s most believable lie.

If you have a qualified leader you can enjoy the journey.

The reason we find Hell so offensive is because of our insensitivity to sin.

Strictly speaking no one “dies with dignity”.

We have the word accident in our vocabulary. God does not.

Jesus spoke more about Hell than Heaven.