Two kinds of courage are required in aging and sickness.

I couldn’t put “Being Mortal” down.

Below are a few excerpts from the book to hopefully wet your appetite. I would encourage you to give it a read and then let me know how it impacted you.

-Medicine has made it almost impossible to be sure who the “dying” even are?

-Doctors over estimate a patient’s survival time by 530%

-Concurrent care is where treatment plans parallel visits with a palliative care specialist. Those who saw a palliative specialist stopped chemo sooner, entered hospice far earlier and experienced less suffering at the end of their lives and they lived 25% longer.

-If end of life discussions were an experimental drug, the FDA would approve it.

-And curiously, for some conditions, hospice care seems to extend survival. Those with congestive heart failure gained three months.

-Two kinds of courage are required in aging and sickness. The courage to confront the reality of mortality (to seek out the truth of what is to be feared and what is to be hoped) and the courage to act on the truth we find.